by The Trails

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released October 21, 2016

The Trails are: Max Gunther, Robert Noble, Dan Campbell and Jim Parker
Max Gunther: Vocals and guitar
Robert Noble: Drums and percussion
Dan Campbell: Guitar and violin.
Jim Parker: Bass and Chapman stick

Produced by: Max Gunther
Recorded at: Studio G, Nashville, TN
Mix Engineer: Chris Dilday
Mastering Engineer: Matthew Odmark
Distributed by: Midsummer Media Group
Publishing by: TuneCore and Chelsey Dog Publishing
All rights reserved for: The Trails



all rights reserved


The Trails Nashville, Tennessee

The Trails formed in 2012, composed of musicians who had found themselves in Nashville due to the musical opportunities the city offers. Each member brings many years of professional experience. The common thread is a sincere wish to make meaningful music from the hearts and souls of the band members, rather than merely using their skills at the service of the music industry. ... more

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Track Name: Ode to Joe

Every time I think I’m right, and I just can’t miss tonight
I can trust in you to bring me back down.
You’ve been there for me , helping me to see
You keep my feet on the ground.
Everywhere I go you’re there, givin’ me that hollow stare
Yet you wonder why it is that I frown.
But I won’t tell you why, you shouldn’t even try;
here’s what I’ve come to propound:

Don’t fall for the standard line.
Don’t get drunk on common wine.
To judge is human to create divine.
Don’t cast your pearls before the swine.

Lord, Lord yes I know.
That what I reap is what I sow.
Lord how was I to know?
This garden dried up long ago.

There’s a party here right now, can’t be sure just why or how
I say what the hell let’s get this thing on.
If you wanna dance, or fall into a trance,
That’s just fine to each his own.
But you shouldn’t do a thing, just because of what I sing
Never said I could draw water from stone.
Even so it’s true, as much as me for you,
Let’s not forget what we’ve known
Track Name: Embers

The sky goes to a silky haze
Wine and smoke obscure the air
Chinese lanterns float across the night
She can smell the campfire in her hair

She is floating like heroine
Every cell in her face
Smoke and firelight pull her in
And she falls, to the ember’s... embrace

Hair reflecting in the firelight
A coy glance diverts her gaze
You can see the mischief in her eye
Pulls them down into the fire they made

They are floating in the sin they’re in
Between the hell and the lace
The smoke and firelight pulled them in
And they surrender... to the ember’s... embrace
Track Name: Kavorka

Girl why you holdin’ me down?
Why you stayin’ so clean?
Gotta get outta this town,
Before I might start makin’ a scene.
Girl you know you’re makin’ me frown.
Why you lookin’ so mean?
I keep bumpin’ around,
‘til there’s no place left for my steam.

You’re not makin’ a sound,
Don’t even wanna be seen.
Hangin’ around with that clown,
You know it makes an ache in my spleen.
Fine young slanky abound—well
That don’t move my machine.
There’s no excuse for old Brown,
That’s just the way that he is.